"Digital Transformation is reality, if you don't start acting now and consistently, you might not survive."

Kai-Oliver Rittner, Founder & CEO PEERSPECTIVE GmbH

Start Winning

With its interdisciplinary team and exclusive ecosystem, PEERSPECTIVE supports startups, corporates and other partners in the development and implementation of sustainable digital disruptive business models.

Our Winning Entrepreneurial Support


Our Innovation Strategy works within your organization to help leaders take a point of view on where the world is going and how the company will use innovation and disruption to respond.

Our Innovation Management involves infusing your organization with entrepreneurial management practices. It’s about making small investments at the beginning (e.g. via MVPs or PoCs), tracking progress and then making further investment decisions based on learnings (e.g. every 3-6 months).

Our Corporate Innovation Practice is to oversee and to manage the work of your internal innovations portfolio. We also support in innovation training and coaching for internal teams.

Our Entrepreneurial Culture is to determine by what leadership celebrates, rewards and/or punishes. Therefore, we support with tools that help leaders to make decisions about what to do with successful startups. Do we scale them internally? Do we create new divisions? Do we spin them out? Do we sell them or shut them down? Do we build, buy or partner?


Digital transformation is becoming increasingly important to many corporates and mid-size companies as digital technologies enable competitive advantages. If corporates and mid-size companies are not sufficiently prepared for the digital age they put their market relevance on the play. However, a digital business and technology transformation always comprises risks and high investments.

We implement the specified objectives consistently and sustainably by establishing agile and innovative teams. These teams drive the change processes through creative ideas, ensure that a culture of innovation in the company is established and the company goals are achieved. Our over 20 years of experience in various industries helps our clients achieve their goals by looking beyond the box.


Anyone venturing into digital projects within production, sales or product development has a good chance of sustainably increasing it‘s growth. The biggest problem that corporates and mid-sized companies are facing are exploiting the opportunities offered by digitization in a shortage of skilled workers. Many companies find it difficult to digitize and to get experts on board for new digital projects. Many companies still see digitization as an IT phenomenon and a pure improving of productivity.

Above all, through trusted business and technology partnerships, it is important to open up new business areas through digital business models, to adapt the business architecture and to renew the corporate culture in order to remain competitive in the future.

" To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions "


Steve Jobs